2011 Symposium on Service and Inclusion:
Improving the Member Experience Through Intentional Strategies

Conceptual Framework

Please select this link for a downloadable PDF of the symposium conceptual framework.

visual image of framework described below

The conceptual framework depicts the different communities that are represented at the 2011 Symposium on Service & Inclusion, among others. Participants in the symposium will:

  1. Identify elements of a quality service experience
  2. Enhance program building and measurement skills
  3. Build strategic partnerships for retention
  4. Strengthen their commitment to inclusion

As a result of participating in the 2011 Symposium, it is expected that attendees will be in a stronger position to create high-quality experiences for members and volunteers engaged in service. Successful, high-quality service experiences lead to:

  • The availability of expanded opportunities during and after service
  • Increased retention rates in service programs
  • Enhanced employability of service members
  • Increased professional skills development
  • Increased opportunities for personal growth & independence
  • Increased opportunities to develop a lifelong ethic of service

We expect the presence of any or all of these indicators for those who have successfully completed service will result in informed, employed, and actively engaged citizens.