Businesses and Employers

The Corporation for National and Community Service provides opportunities for Americans of all ages and backgrounds to engage in structured service programs around specific community needs through its programs: AmeriCorps (including AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps NCCC), and Senior Corps. Participants — with and without disabilities — in national service programs gain and practice skills, explore career paths, and develop social networks.

National service volunteers participate in a skill-building experience that can translate into competence, drive, and commitment in the work environment. National service develops the knowledge and reliability that employers want and creates an easily tapped pool of dynamic potential employees. Service members with disabilities are already familiar with the supports that they will need to succeed in the workplace. This helps with their transition from service to becoming valuable employees.

Why hiring former service members works:
The national service member:

  • Has tested a career path with skills that are proven and developed
  • Knows what supports they may need to be successful
  • Takes initiative on projects
  • Has developed soft skills required any type of employment setting
  • Can adapt and learn in different settings
  • Has been trained to be part of a team and a team leader
  • Is able to work with a diverse range of people

The potential employer:

  • Gets the opportunity to tap into a network of skilled workers
  • Connects to the community in a new way
  • Addresses a new market
  • Cultivates future leaders
  • Identifies employees who demonstrate a commitment and willingness to go beyond the ordinary