The National Service to Employment Project (NextSTEP) conducts research, provides technical assistance, and creates demonstration projects focusing on people with disabilities in volunteer and community-service roles. NextSTEP promotes service as a way to contribute to the community, gain valuable skills, explore career paths, and develop social networks that can lead to meaningful employment.
National service can provide individuals with the opportunity to prepare for meaningful employment and post-secondary education while serving their communities. By engaging in national service, service members experience personal growth, professional growth, and growth as a community member.

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The National Service Inclusion Project (NSIP)


Volunteer Service Programs

CNCS grantees, potential grantees, programs, & staff

Learn how service members can make the most of the service experience and translate it into post-service opportunities.


Prospective, current, & former service volunteers & their families

Learn about opportunities to build skills and networks through national service.

Businesses & Prospective Employers

Businesses, prospective employers, & business advocates

Learn how national service develops the knowledge and reliability that you want in an easily tapped pool of dynamic potential employees.

Disability Organizations

State & local agencies, educators, & policy makers

Learn about the value of national service and how to use it as an effective tool for preparing people with disabilities for employment.

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